20. April 2018

SEHO and Toratec to Demo Selective Solder System at NEPCON China

SEHO和Toratec将在NEPCON China展示选择性焊接系统 SEHO Systems GmbH 今天宣布将参展NEPCON China展会,NEPCON China展会将于2018年4月24-26日在上海世博展览馆隆重举行. 该公司将在德国馆1B25展位展示SelectLine-C选择性焊接系统. SelectLine-C具有创新的模块化设计,并屡获行业大奖的殊荣。它允许集成其他工艺于一体,如选择性刷洗实现自动清洗,自动光学检测实现焊接工艺后立即进行焊点检测,从而确保了成本效益。焊接区的特别亮点是Synchro软件功能,使生产量翻倍而没有大的投资。焊料喷嘴的自动超声波清洗保证了机器的最大可用性,喷嘴寿命长达几个月。 在整个系列产品中已安装有数百台机器,中国是SEHO的一个重要市场。SEHO Systems GmbH首席执行官Markus Walter表示:“在SEHO,我们的目标就是使生产过程更高效,使客户得益于完整的解决方案。”这也包括解决方案驱动的购买建议的360°现场支持,通过流程优化达到完美的售后服务。“Toratec Shanghai是我们在上海的最佳合作伙伴,她为我们的中国客户提供这样的服务”Walter解释道。Toratec Shanghai具有优秀的专业技术经验和工艺知识,凭借其多年的经验,可有效地支持客户。为了能跟上新的发展需求,Toratec的员工定期在德国SEHO总部进行培训。 欲了解更多信息,欢迎莅临SEHO在NEPCON China的展位,或访问www.seho.de。 to all...
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13. April 2018

Quality Management based on Quality Assurance

A production process free from defects, with every step being reproducible and traceable, is the target of quality assurance in...
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5. April 2018

SEHO to Demo Modular Selective Solder System at S.E.E.

SEHO Systems GmbH will highlight the SelectLine-C at the S.E.E. Scandinavian Electronic Event, scheduled to take place April 24-26, 2018...
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5. April 2018

Outstanding Success of SEHO at ElectronTechExpo in Moskow

ElectronTechExpo 2018 in Moskow turned out to be an outstanding success for SEHO. Together with the representative AssemRus, SEHO demonstrated...
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7. February 2018

Flexible, High Volume Selective Soldering from SEHO at APEX 2018

SEHO North America, Inc. highlighted a full line of market leading soldering systems at the IPC APEX EXPO 2018. The...
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22. November 2017

SEHO Receives Global Technology Award 2017

SEHO Systems GmbH is pleased to announce that it was awarded a 2017 Global Technology Award in the category of...
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10. October 2017

Intelligently Linked: SEHO at productronica 2017!

Approaching the Smart Factory with Communicating Machines   xx SEHO focused on the complete networking of manufacturing lines at productronica...
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6. September 2017

When the Soldering Specialist Bans Soldering Fume

In 1976, a still prevalent success story began: Today's SEHO Systems GmbH started as SEHO Seitz & Hohnerlein GmbH to...
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26. July 2017

Flawless Transition in SEHO Product Management

Reiner Zoch, longstanding head of product management for selective soldering systems at SEHO Systems GmbH, is retiring after almost 30...
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21. June 2017

Successful Premier of InnovationsForum México

More than 250 industry professionals came together at Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara for the first InnovationsForum México. SEHO participated with...
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10. April 2017

Participants from all over the world

Nearly 50 participants from more than 25 countries, including Japan, China, Mexico and Brazil, came together for SEHO’s International Sales...
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7. March 2017

SEHO Technology Days in Mexico

The premiere of the SEHO Technology Days in Mexico which took place in Guadalajara and Queretaro, two major Mexican centers...
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10. February 2017

Programmed for Success

Siemens Industrial PCs have been leading trends over 30 years. As early as 1983, Siemens started combining standard PC technology...
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