More than 250 industry professionals came together at Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara for the first InnovationsForum México. SEHO participated with an exciting lecture on zero-fault production processes, presented by Guillermo Maldonado, Director of STE Latinoamerica, SEHO’s partner in Mexico.

A production process free from defects, with each production step being reproducible and traceable is the target of quality assurance in every electronics production worldwide. In many cases manual rework processes are not allowed, they are almost non-reproducible and often cannot be performed with the required high quality. In addition, manual rework is time-consuming and cost-intensive, and hidden costs such as productivity rates or staff training need to be considered. Because of these major issues assemblies with defects often go through the production process a second time. However, then the entire board is exposed to the thermal load, not only the faulty solder connections.

Precisely at this point the zero-fault production concept from SEHO comes in:
Automated process control and integrated automated rework enable a soldering process free from defects and completely documented.

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