Chaotic Production

Whether for a random production or raised energy requirements for power electronics: Here you will find YOUR optimum solution.

The dual solder pot allows simultaneous processing of two different alloys and therefore is perfectly suited for a mixed production.
This solder pot provides two independent sections. Each section is equipped with a separate heating control which allows to operate with different temperatures. The two thermally separated solder bath areas can be filled with different alloys, which have different melting points, whereby e.g. a mixed production with lead-containing and lead-free alloy is possible without retrofitting.

The dual solder pot, however, offers another advantage particular for production of power electronics: As an alternative to processing two different solder alloys, both solder pot sections may be filled with the same alloy but heated up with different temperatures. This allows thightly focussed control of energy transfer to the assemblies - an enormous advantage when processing thick copper printed circuit boards in power electronics production.

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