This Code of Conduct defines the principles we adhere to in all interactions with our employees, clients, suppliers, society and the environment in daily global activities.

Our business model strives to integrate sustainable social, ecological and economic responsibility, exceeding statutory and legal requirements, in all of our endeavors.
It is our objective to create and preserve a corporate culture which supports adherence to the rules and ethical principles stated below in the best possible way.

The SEHO Group herby commits to the following principles:

Responsibility towards Employees, Society and Environment

Human Rights
We support and respect the protection of the UN Human Rights Charter and ensure that our entrepreneurial activity does not make us complicit in human rights abuses.

Prohibition of Child Labor
We do not employ anyone below the applicable minimum legal working age. Underage employees are subject to special protection until they reach legal age.

Equal Opportunities and Equal Treatment
We promote equal opportunities and treatment of our employees irrespective of race, nationality, gender, ethnic heritage, political or religious conviction, disabilities, age or sexual orientation. Discrimination must not be exercised at any time.
Since we attach great importance to equality, we have a certain quota of female management personnel.

Product Compliance and Safety
We deliver our machines to our customers in good quality and we demand the same from our suppliers.

Environmental Protection
Sustainable environmental protection and resource efficiency are important corporate goals of the SEHO Group.
We pay attention to the reduction of resources and the use of sustainable materials not only in our machines, but also in operational processes. At our headquarters, we therefore only use 100% natural electricity from hydropower and electricity from our own photovoltaic system.
Through our certified environmental management system according to ISO DIN 14001:2015, our environmental measures are regularly checked and adjusted.
We believe that every employee can contribute to protecting the environment and climate through their behavior. In order to strengthen the ecological awareness of our employees, we regularly inform them about topics with regards to environment and sustainability.

Social Engagement
As active member of the society we engage in many different ways. Donations are only provided in the interests of the company.

Training and Professional Development
We offer our employees the opportunity to take advantage of further training. We also cooperate with various universities in the areas of professional development and R&D.

Dealing with conflict minerals
We exercise the necessary care to take measures to avoid using conflict minerals in our products in order to prevent human rights violations, corruption and financing armed groups or similar via this route.

Supply chain
We expect our suppliers to comply with the principles of this Code of Conduct or to apply comparable codes of conduct. Furthermore, we encourage them to implement the criteria in this Code of Conduct in their own supply chains. We reserve the right to systematically apply this Code of Conduct with our suppliers and to carry out checks as warranted. This may take the form of questionnaires, assessments, or audits.
Should this cause doubts as to whether this Code of Conduct is being followed, the supplier is requested to take suitable measures to counter this and to notify its contact in our company of the course of action. If required, the cooperation arrangement will be ended.

Conduct with Customers and Business Partners

The compliance with the law and legislation is an essential basic principle of our economically responsible conduct.
We comply with all laws of the applicable jurisdictions in which we conduct business, especially with regards to fair trade, data protection, intellectual property rights, money laundering and insider trading laws.

Fair Competition
We promote fair competition and comply with antitrust law and other competition-regulating provisions and competition-protecting laws. Agreements that restrict competition, such as price and cartel agreements with competitors, suppliers or customers, are not tolerated.

Prohibition of Corruption
The principles of transparency, responsibility, solidarity, civil courage, justice and democracy apply to the SEHO Group.
We clearly support the fight against corruption.  We do not tolerate and will not engage in any form of corruption, embezzlement and bribery, including any unlawful payments or any other benefit conferred to any government official or decision-maker for the purpose of influencing decision making.

Conflict of Interest
We are aware that decisions related to professional activities must not be influenced by personal relationships and private interests.
Our partners and suppliers are also required to take measures to avoid any conflicts of interest or situations that may lead to a potential conflict of interest. This includes a conflict between the professional activities of our employees, the employees of suppliers and partners and their personal interests or those of their close relatives, friends or acquaintances.

Gifts, Entertainment
Benefits in the form of gifts that exceed a value of €35.00 may not be accepted. In addition, our employees are generally prohibited from accepting gifts that influence or appear to influence business decisions.

Business Partners
We promote adherence of our suppliers and business partners to the principles and ethical standards of this Code of Conduct.
We adhere to the principles of non-discrimination in our relationship with our suppliers and business partners.

Export Regulations
The export control management system of our headquarters complies with all of the European Union’s and the Federal Republic of Germany’s rules and regulations regarding export restrictions. We do not tolerate or engage in any form of circumvention of these regulations and will not conduct business with any one we believe may be trying to circumvent such regulations.

Workplace Guidelines

Fundamental Rights
We respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual and refuse to make anyone work against their will.
We do not tolerate any unacceptable treatment of employees including discrimination, coercive, abusive or exploitative behaviour or sexual harassment.
We provide fair remuneration of our employees, and we guarantee the applicable statutory minimum wage. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours.
We recognize employees’ rights of free association and neither favor nor discriminate against members of employee organizations or trade unions.

Confidentiality and Data Protection
Information on customers, partners, employees and competitors that is not publicly known is treated confidentially and is not disclosed to unauthorized third parties or used for private purposes. Business secrets are treated confidentially. and competitors that is not publicly known is treated confidentially and is not disclosed to unauthorized third parties or used for private purposes. Business secrets are treated confidentially.
Personal data are only used and processed within the framework of business activities.

Occupational Safety and Health Protection
We take responsibility for the health and safety of our employees in the work environment. In this regard, we utilize the best reasonably applicable standards for precautionary measures to control hazards, prevent accidents and occupational diseases.
For us, compliance with laws, regulations and other requirements in the field of occupational safety and health protection is a matter of course.
Our employees are regularly trained in the field of occupational safety and have to follow the relevant safety instructions.
In order to promote the health of our employees, we offer opportunities for the way to and from work as well as at work.
We also implement the New Work model.
For example, home office and a flextime model ensure a good work-life balance.
The future of our employees is important to us. That is why we support them with regards to pension scheme and insurance.

Confidential Company Information
We have extensive trade and business secrets and know-how. This knowledge is the basis for our business success. Confidential information and business records must be protected from access by uninvolved colleagues and other third parties.
Corporate damage resulting from the unauthorized disclosure of such knowledge may result in labor, civil, and criminal penalties for the employee involved.


This Code of Conduct is subject to revision in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations or should there be changes to the requirements of the compliance principles.


SEHO Systems GmbH
14th February 2022

*Note: For better readability, the masculine form is used for personal names and personal nouns in this document.