SEHO MaxiReflow:  Excellent Reflow Soldering

SEHO MaxiReflow, which won a Global Technology Award, sets a milstone in soldering technology. The system is equipped with a revolutionary, thermally invisible conveyor system, an effective and component-sensitive heat transfer technology as well as a highly efficient residue management with process gas cleaning.

Maximum process reliability, maximum soldering quality and maximum machine availability arrive at one conclusion: SEHO MaxiReflow.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • winner of the Global Technology Award
  • ‘Voidless Pressure Chamber’ ensures virtually void-free solder joints
  • worldwide unique: thermally invisible conveyor system
  • maximum process reliability with 100 % parallel alignment of the conveyor rails
  • efficient residue management ensures long maintenance intervals
  • optimum, powerful heat transfer at component-sensitive set temperatures
  • flexible temperature management due to a high number of heating zones
  • effective, multi-stage cooling zone
  • high machine availability
  • automatic recording of machine and process data with comfortable software tools
  • low operation costs
  • various machine lengths – to perfectly suit your specific manufacturing requirements
perfect temperature profile
powerful cooling area
effective process gas cleaning


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