Research creates the future: SEHO is a partner in the KIOekoSys research project.

Avoiding unplanned downtimes through reactive maintenance or through repairs when a fault has occured is the primary goal of plant operators. The Free State of Bavaria is funding the KIOekoSys research project, in which the development of an AI ecosystem for predictive/prescriptive maintenance in electronics manufacturing is being researched.

Intelligent and modular AI algorithms are to be made available on the platform for both system manufacturers and operators. In particular, a standardized approach is followed for the integration of machines and IT systems, so that the production environment can also be mapped in the case of adjustments and extensions in the AI ecosystem.

The electronics manufacturer BMK Group, the IT consulting company e:ndlich, the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences and, of course, SEHO are all on board for the KIOekoSys research project.

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