Outstanding Success: The 2019 Technology Days were hold in conjunction with guest presenters from Stannol LLC (soldering flux technologies), DCT USA LLC (process cleaning technologies), KIC (thermal profiling) and Scienscope International USA (inspection solutions). The event took place May 7–8, 2019 at SEHO’s North America Technology Center in Erlanger, KY.

If you need best practices you can put to work immediately, the SEHO Technology Days were the place to be. SEHO Technology Days generally are designed to provide a perfect balance of theory and practical application. In addition to hands on trainings, this year’s event included presentations from leading flux, solder and equipment suppliers. Industry experts presented their latest findings and shared expert insight on the latest industry issues and trends.

Topics of discussion included typical challenges in electronics production as well as methods to optimize soldering processes to approach a zero-defect production. Experts provided tips for board and pallet design to improve product quality while reducing production cost.
Guest presenters also discussed new applications in soft soldering of aluminium and aluminium alloys and highlighted the differences between water-based fluxes and alcohol-based fluxes as well as the challenges when working with these fluxes. Another topic was the complexity of the cleaning process in electronics manufacturing. The need for profiling the wave soldering process was discussed and various types of wave solder profiling configurations were showcased. A review of the use of X-ray for inspecting PCBs and components in a non-destructive test environment completed the exciting program of the two-days event.
As a special highlight, SEHO’s new StartSelective entry-level selective soldering systems was introduced.

The technology days were part of the successful SEHO Academy program conducted both at SEHO Germany and SEHO USA with more than 1,000 satisfied attendees worldwide.

Knowledgeable employees can optimize processes to improve production throughput, reduce cycle times, improve the level of quality, reduce failures, and cut down overall cost.

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