Automation Technology at the Highest Level

With the aim to make the production process in electronic manufacturing more efficient and to reduce production costs sustainably, SEHO extended its range of automation solutions in recent years.

The products range from board handling with conveyor systems to connect various machines and work places in production lines, buffer systems, turn stations, e.g. for changing the direction in manufacturing lines, lift stations, as well as transfer units and many more.
Work places made by SEHO are ergonomically designed and individually adjustable in height to be adapted to different operators. All of the connected stations such as buffers or conveyors adjust their height automatically.
In addition, a particular focus is on cobots and robots that are housed in a multifunctional production cell. This cell can be equipped individually so that the robot may take over several tasks: For component placement, for assembly and disassembly of component downholders, for loading and unloading of carriers, for precise positioning of boards for AOI and electrical tests, and for removal of reject parts.

Combined with the innovative soldering systems from SEHO, users benefit from complete solutions that are perfectly matched both technically and in regards to production flow. SEHO assists customers with creative ideas in the planning phase to best meet the individual production challenges, and constructs and manufactures the production line to provide customized automated solutions.

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