SEHO MWS 2300:  Flexible and Future-Oriented – Wave Soldering to its Perfection

Based on SEHO’s leading nitrogen technology, the precision and high-quality machine tooling as well as the modular design, the nitrogen wave soldering system MWS 2300 is the high end wave soldering system which leaves nothing to be desired and which can be adapted to every particular manufacturing task.

The low consumption fluxer system, the innovative and individually configurable preheat area, the soldering area that is designed for maximum quality of soldering results, the up-to-date control unit and several functions for automated process control are only some of the many features of MWS 2300.

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • high-mix-high-volume: the most innovative wave soldering system for the up-to-date electronics production
  • low operation costs due to minimum nitrogen consumption and energy-efficient tunnel concept
  • efficient rest oxygen measurement with quick reaction to changing process conditions
  • fluxer with HVLP technology (high volume – low pressure) for remarkable reduction of flux consumption
  • individually configurable preheat area from 1800 mm [70.8″] length to 3300 mm [129.9″]
  • maximum efficiency, minimum energy consumption with the new and innovative pulsar preheat modules
  • an effective convection preheat guarantees homogeneous and component-sensitive heating of assemblies
  • soldering area with innovative nozzle concepts and automatic nozzle height adjustment – designed for highest quality and flexibility
  • the programmable sectorial soldering process provides a large process window and maximum flexibility
  • absolutely unique: an integrated and temperature-controlled cooling module cools the assemblies thus helping to improve the metallurgical structure of the solder joints
  • a process gas cleaning unit minimizes maintenance and ensures high machine availability
  • modern control unit that guarantees highest productivity and allows easy operation
  • integrated functions for automated process control, such as automatic exhaust control, flux consumption monitoring, solder level control, automatic wave height control and many more


flux quantity monitoring
innovative pulsar preheaters
programmable sectorial soldering process


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