Approaching the Smart Factory with Communicating Machines


SEHO will focus on the complete networking of manufacturing lines at productronica 2017. Further highlights at the SEHO booth in hall A4, booth #578 will be presented from the field of wave soldering and reflow technology.

Instead of single machines, SEHO will present a complete production solution that will provide users with ideas for optimizing their own manufacturing processes. All machines in the production line are linked with the SEHO mcServer, the machine communication server from SEHO.
The production solution continuously exchanges data – from placement control, to a flexible selective soldering process with automatically controlled removal of solder balls and integrated optical inspection –  to intelligent handling systems and automatic separation of defect assemblies by means of a robot. mcServer allows complete monitoring of all integrated processes and machines, and provides real-time information from systems – including those installed at different production sites worldwide.

Additional functions effectively support the operator, such as easy generation of production statistics, continuous traceability of production parameters for each product serial number, automatic monitoring of maintenance cycles or automatic notification in case of machine failures. Collected process and machine data are made available for other applications, such as customer networks or MES systems. Also, integration in Pulse or Hermes software architecture is easily possible.

High mix, and simultaneously high volumes, are possible with the new features for wave soldering systems. A new preheat concept from SEHO allows minimum distances between the boards, even with very different thermal requirements. In the soldering area, an innovative dual solder pot concept based on electro-magnetic waves allows product changeover within seconds.

A new development from the field of reflow soldering reduces maintenance times and optimizes energy consumption. Because of its innovative details, the SEHO MaxiReflow has won several technology awards in the past. As an alternative to the proven process gas cleaning system with cyclone technology, this innovative reflow system now also can be equipped with a new pyrolysis unit. What is special about this feature: the pyrolysis unit is completely integrated in the heating chamber which completely excludes any loss of energy.

The SEHO team is looking forward to welcoming you at productronica in booth A4-578.

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In 1976, a still prevalent success story began: Today’s SEHO Systems GmbH started as SEHO Seitz & Hohnerlein GmbH to drive rapid technology developments in electronics industry. The enterprise emerged from a small wave soldering system provider into a global player offering customers complete solutions for soldering systems and automated production lines.

The entire SEHO product range of soldering units can be found in the SEHO Technology Center. It is apparent that Technology Center visitors do not notice any odors, but every tinkerer knows the typical smell of molten solder. “There are strict legal regulations on air purification during system operation”, explains Hermann Liebler, Area Sales Manager with SEHO. “Any soldering unit must not be operated without extraction and filtration.”

Currently, each of the seven stations in the SEHO Technology Center features a flexible LRA 200 extraction and filtration unit from ULT. The vendor’s LRA system series was developed for soldering fume removal.

Click here to download the full article, written by Stefan Meißner, Head Corporate Communications, ULT AG and Heike Schlessmann, Marketing Manager, SEHO Systems GmbH.

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SEHO’s premiere at FIEE 2017 in Sao Paulo, the largest trade show for electronics and automation technology, was extremely successful. The booth of GRSys, our sales and service partner in Brazil, was crowded.

Electronics production continuous to face new manufacturing challenges. In addition to high quality requirements at low production costs, there are an increasing number of product variants and the need for flexible reactions to fluctuation in demand.

SEHO soldering systems offer the optimal solution when both matter, with high soldering quality and outstanding flexibility.

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SEHO North America, Inc. will highlight the SelectLine-C selective soldering system in an automated production line together with different modules from the SEHO Streamline product line in booth # 1325 at SMTA International, scheduled to take place Sept. 19 – 20, 2017 at the Donald Stephen Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

At SEHO, customers profit from complete solutions. With the aim of making production processes more efficient, SEHO completely automates production lines for board handling and material management, particularly in through-hole processes. Workplaces for assembly of electronic components, buffer and paternoster stations, turn stations, automatic lifts and, of course, the completely automated conveyor units in between are only a few examples. Moreover, SEHO implements manual, semi-automatic and automatic workplaces for the final assembly of products and subsequent testing procedures, either in individual production islands, or in interconnection with the entire production process.
SEHO assists customers with creative ideas during planning and construction, and also manufactures, assembles and installs the production line. Most importantly, improvements in the workflow, thus a reduction in manufacturing costs, and the employees working at the production line: SEHO considers ergonomic, individually in height, adjustable workplaces and the automatic adaption of connected handling stations as a matter of course.

At SMTA International, SEHO will showcase a batch loader system and a lift station from the SEHO Streamline product line, both linked with a SelectLine-C selective soldering system. The SelectLine-C features an outstanding modular design and innovative technical details. It allows the integration of additional processes such as selective brushing or automated optical inspection, thus ensuring clear cost benefits. Particular highlights for the soldering area are the Synchro software feature to double the production volume without major investments, and the automatic ultrasonic cleaning of solder nozzles that guarantees maximum machine availability and a nozzle service life up to several months.

A complete solution that ideally matches and with communication interfaces that work perfectly.

For further information, please visit SEHO in booth # 1325 at SMTA International.  You are invited: Click here to download your free exhibits pass.

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SEHO Systems GmbH is pleased to announce that Arne Neiser, Product Manager, will present “Resource-efficient and Cost-effective Wave Soldering – Plasma Fluxing, Pulsar Preheating and Lead-free Low Temperature Soldering” during the Spotlight Series of the technical conference at SMTA International on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017 at 8 a.m. The SMTA International Technical Conference is scheduled to take place Sept. 17-21, 2017 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.

In this paper, the latest technologies for wave soldering are presented, along the process chain. Starting with plasma fluxing, an alternative to liquid based fluxing is described, that offers low cost (100 percent solids) while being environmentally friendly (no VOCs). The latest soldering results using this technology will be discussed and basic conditions when this process can be efficiently introduced into a factory environment will be presented.

Concerning preheating, previous heaters like infrared heaters were not usable for mixed production without long delays for switching between different settings. To resolve this limitation, pulsar heaters can be used for preheating that offer a quick response while having a radiation wavelength that is very well absorbed by PCB materials. Using these preheaters, high mix and high volume production is possible within the limits that were identified by test series using massive and slim assemblies.

Additional methods will be discussed to even further reduce power consumption. For further information, please visit SEHO in booth #1325 at SMTA International.

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Don’t miss to see SEHO at productronica India, scheduled to take place Sept. 14-16, 2017 at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. SEHO will show the GoSelective-LS with Bergen Systems Pvt. Ltd. in Booth #1030. The entry level selective soldering system offers high-end technology, e.g. electrodynamic soldering unit and a complete range of automated process control features.

Electronics production continues to face new manufacturing challenges. In addition to high quality requirements at low production costs, there are an increasing number of product variants and the need for flexible reactions to fluctuation in demand. SEHO soldering systems offer the optimal solution when both matter, with high soldering quality and outstanding flexibility.

The GoSelective-LS selective soldering system is designed for stand-alone production of small and medium sized volumes with a very compact footprint. To ensure an ergonomical work flow and the shortest cycle times, the GoSelective-LS is equipped with a loading and unloading station for carriers up to 20” x 20”. Here, boards can be assembled in one carrier while a second carrier is being processed in the machine.

With the GoSelective-LS, all process steps are completely automated. The machine features a precise axis system that reliably positions the drop jet fluxer, preheat unit and soldering unit during the process. Depending on the requirements, the electro-magnetic soldering unit may be used for flexible mini-wave soldering processes, or can be equipped with a multi-nozzle tool for dip soldering with short cycle times.

For further information, please visit SEHO in booth #1030 at productronica India.

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Reiner Zoch, longstanding head of product management for selective soldering systems at SEHO Systems GmbH, is retiring after almost 30 years with SEHO. With innovative ideas, Zoch was significantly involved in the positive development of the selective soldering product sector over the years. Today, SEHO is one of the worldwide market leading companies in this sector. Zoch will continue to support SEHO as a consultant for the time being, and will support the technical departments with his expertise.

Alexander Blum will step up as Zoch’s successor. Blum started his career at SEHO in 2002. After his first experiences in the production area of special engineered systems, he moved to the service department at the beginning of 2008. In this position, he supported national and international electronics manufacturers with selective soldering systems from SEHO.
Since mid-2015, he has been on the product management team for selective soldering systems, and has supervised various development and customer projects with his expertise.

“We are delighted that we were able to fill the central position of product manager for one of our most important product groups with a proven expert like Alexander Blum,“ says Markus Walter, C.E.O. of SEHO Systems GmbH. “Alexander knows our customers, their production processes and their challenges. With his excellent technical expertise and his market knowledge, this is the ideal basis to further develop the product area of selective soldering systems and give our customers an innovative advantage with new solutions.”

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More than 250 industry professionals came together at Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara for the first InnovationsForum México. SEHO participated with an exciting lecture on zero-fault production processes, presented by Guillermo Maldonado, Director of STE Latinoamerica, SEHO’s partner in Mexico.

A production process free from defects, with each production step being reproducible and traceable is the target of quality assurance in every electronics production worldwide. In many cases manual rework processes are not allowed, they are almost non-reproducible and often cannot be performed with the required high quality. In addition, manual rework is time-consuming and cost-intensive, and hidden costs such as productivity rates or staff training need to be considered. Because of these major issues assemblies with defects often go through the production process a second time. However, then the entire board is exposed to the thermal load, not only the faulty solder connections.

Precisely at this point the zero-fault production concept from SEHO comes in:
Automated process control and integrated automated rework enable a soldering process free from defects and completely documented.

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SEHO North America, Inc. will hold its 2017 Technology Days in conjunction with guest presenters from ULT LLC (fume extraction technologies), DCT Czech (process cleaning technologies) and Stannol GmbH (soldering flux technologies). The event is scheduled to take place July 25-26, 2017 at SEHO’s North America new technology center in Erlanger, KY close to Cincinnati Airport.
This year’s NA Technology Days will be an event not to be missed, with exciting product introductions and intensive hands-on training.

SEHO Technology Days are designed to provide a perfect balance of theory and practical application. In addition to hands on trainings, this year’s event will include presentations from leading flux, solder and equipment suppliers. Industry experts will present their latest findings and share expert insight on the latest industry issues and trends.

Topics of discussion will include resource-efficient and cost-effective wave soldering as well as automated selective soldering process control with a focus on zero-defect process.
Experts will provide tips for detecting defects early to optimize the THT production process, and solutions with creative systems for automatic board handling and material management. Guest presenters also will address effective fume extractions in electronics manufacturing, maintenance cleaning of soldering technology, and the changing requirements for fluxes and solders over the last decade.

The technology days are part of the successful SEHO Academy with more than 1,000 satisfied attendees worldwide. SEHO’s training courses can help qualified employees optimize processes to improve production throughput, reduce cycle times, improve the level of quality, and reduce overall cost.

Learn more about the SEHO North America Technology Days 2017.

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SEHO Systems GmbH will exhibit in Stand 7E048 at Electronics & Applications, scheduled to take place May 30-June 1, 2017 in Utrecht, Netherlands. SEHO’s representative, KVMS will demonstrate the PowerWave 4.0 wave soldering system which is ideally suited for medium to large production series.

With the PowerWave wave soldering system, SEHO realized a machine concept that offers remarkable performance at simultaneously low investment costs. The system offers six preheat zones and 1800 mm preheat length [70.8″] and features an outstanding compact machine design.

Complex SMD boards are as reliably soldered as conventional assemblies – due to up-to-date solder nozzle geometries, a flexible preheat area, and an open-ended control unit ensuring easy operation and many functions for automated process control.

The modular construction of the SEHO PowerWave offers the ideal concept for all production requirements and allows the machine to be integrated into existing fully automated lines.

For more information, visit SEHO in Stand 7E048 at Electronics & Applications 2017.

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