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    Become part of the SEHO success story, improve our products with innovative technologies and create a sustainable future together with us!

    These are our trainers.

    They offer excellent professional qualifications in a wide variety of professional fields, which they would like to pass on to you!

    That's what our current trainees say

    Technical Product Designer

    In this apprenticeship, you will be employed in the development and design departments of industrial companies.

    You design and construct components, assemblies and complete systems that you create on the CAD system. You pay attention to the respective standards, enter the dimensions suitable for production and select suitable materials. Last but not least, you make sure that developments can be implemented economically in production.

    Specialist for Warehouse Logistics

    As a specialist in warehouse logistics, you accept materials in goods receipt, check them, store them properly or make sure that they get to the right place in production.
    In outgoing goods, you put together deliveries, create the documents and make sure that everything is well packaged on its way to the customer.

    Industrial Clerk

    Industrial clerks deal with commercial and business management tasks in companies in all sectors, such as purchasing/materials management, sales and marketing, human resources, finance and accounting. The job is very varied and after the training you can specialize in a certain area that interests you with professional experience or additional qualifications.

    Customer and supplier contact are part of the everyday work of industrial clerks. Social skills and good manners are therefore a “must” for this job.

    IT Specialist - Specializing in System Integration

    IT specialists work in companies in almost all economic sectors. They plan, manage, operate and install IT systems. As an in-house service provider, they advise on the selection and use of software and/or hardware components, set up systems, network them accordingly and put them into operation. They create system documentation, instruct users and provide advice on questions.

    In running operation, they continuously maintain the systems and constantly adapt them to changing requirements. In the event of faults, they narrow down the causes, e.g. with the help of expert and diagnostic systems, and rectify the malfunctions.

    Industrial Mechanic

    Industrial mechanics can be employed almost anywhere in production, from pre-assembly to final assembly to the test bay.

    Industrial mechanics manufacture equipment parts and machine assemblies and control the production process. Industrial mechanics mainly work with metal. They are just as skilled in various techniques such as turning, milling or drilling as they are in the assembly of subassemblies.

    Electronics Engineer for Industrial Engineering

    You are mainly employed in industrial companies, but you can basically work anywhere where electrical production and operating systems are used and maintained.

    You install, maintain, repair and modernize electrical systems. At SEHO, your main area of responsibility is the wiring of switching and control systems for the soldering systems, the installation of measuring and control devices and the assembly of electrical drive systems.

    Mechatronics Technician

    Mechanic + electronics technician + computer scientist = mechatronics technician
    A job with great prospects!

    Mechatronics technicians are employed, among other things, in industrial companies in mechanical and plant engineering or in companies in automation technology. The focus is on the assembly, installation, commissioning and maintenance of complex systems. You assemble mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical components into complete systems. You install, program and test control software and put systems into operation.

    An exciting apprenticeship, which Nico briefly introduces to you in the video.

    You have questions?

    This is Philipp, trainer for the professions of industrial mechanic and mechatronics technician. You can always turn to him with your questions.


      You have questions?

      This is Ramona, trainer for the profession of industrial clerk. You can always turn to her with your questions.


        You have questions?

        This is Lukas, trainer for the profession of technical product designer. You can always turn to him with your questions.


          You have questions?

          This is Jürgen, trainer for the job IT specialist for system integration. You can always turn to him with your questions.


            You have questions?

            This is Jens, trainer for the profession of warehouse logistics specialist. You can always turn to him with your questions.


              Do you want to study with practical relevance?

              A dual course of study optimally combines a scientific university degree with operational practice. Two partners take on the task of qualification – the university does the theory and SEHO does the practice.

              Dual studies at the DHBW

              When studying at the DHBW, theory and practice phases alternate every 3 months. Students can thus put their knowledge into practice right from the start.

              Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
              Duration: 3 years

              Studies with in-depth practice

              Here dual students spend the regular university semester at the university, in the practical semester and the lecture-free period they receive practical and professional experience at SEHO.

              Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
              Duration: 3.5 years

              The Electrical Engineering course is an engineering course with a wide range of subjects that is geared towards the requirements of the future. During the course of study, in-depth mathematical and scientific knowledge as well as detailed specialist knowledge in the theoretical basics of electrical engineering, electronics, information processing, sensors, electrical drive technology, automation, microcomputer technology, control technology, digital technology and software technology are imparted. By linking science and technology, a future-proof basis for professional success is laid.

              Today’s engineers require interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in a variety of different disciplines. Mechatronics as a cross-sectional technology combines, among other things, the central skills from various engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT. A degree in mechatronics offers great career prospects.

              The course teaches basic skills in the areas of programming, software development, data science and what is needed for e.g. artificial intelligence. Graduates of this degree programme have excellent career prospects and can make an important contribution in an increasingly digitalised world.

              You should be able to decide freely which course suits you best and which you enjoy. It is therefore possible, on request, to opt for a different technical course, such as industrial engineering or computer science.

              You have questions?

              This is Andreas, responsible for dual students. You can always turn to her with your questions.


                Your chance to meet us

                Can't decide?

                Do you prefer an apprenticeship or a degree? Then just do both! In cooperation with the SRH Fernhochschule, as a high school graduate you can complete a bachelor’s degree at SEHO parallel to your training. The SRH distance learning course adapts very flexibly to you: you decide when it starts, how long it lasts and how intensive it will be – so that you can be sure of reaching your goal.

                Find out more about our application process and get useful tips.

                12 reasons why SEHO Systems is the right employer for your training or studies.

                Your health is important to us

                That is why we offer comprehensive company medical care. We organize health days where you can find out about healthy eating, fitness and stress management, and we invite experts to lectures.

                learning aid

                A whole team of experts is at your side with advice and action for both theoretical learning content and practical application. This makes even the most difficult training content child’s play for you!

                Team events

                Whether at summer festivals, year-end celebrations, company football tournaments or charity runs: we like to be in action and we guarantee that SEHO will not miss out on having fun.

                4 days week

                In the area of production and logistics, we can offer you a 4-day week for a balanced work and private life.

                6 weeks vacation

                We offer you a holiday entitlement of 6 weeks per year.

                Flexible working hours

                Early risers or late risers? Neither is a problem, thanks to our flexitime arrangement, everyone starts the day well rested.

                Trainee mentor

                Your trainee mentor helps you to find your way in all situations, is available to answer questions and helps if things don’t go as planned.

                Employee platform with exclusive discounts

                As a team member at SEHO, you get access to our employee platform, where you benefit from exclusive discounts on over 800 brands.

                Training allowance according to
                IG Metall tariff

                Your monthly training allowance is based on the current tariff table of IG Metall, so that your training with us is worthwhile.

                Job wheel via salary conversion

                SEHO leases a JobRad for you and lets you use it. Of course not only for the way to work.

                SEHO trainee and student mobile

                A highlight is the trainee or student mobile. A new VW Golf that is shared among the students and trainees.

                SEHO employee credit card

                All employees at SEHO receive a Mastercard non-cash payment card, which we top up with monthly credit.

                Get a picture of us!

                We organize a factory tour just for you (and your parents if they like). Look at everything, make up your own mind and get rid of all your questions.

                Click here to make an appointment with us.

                Convinced? Then apply now!

                Do you need more information? Then feel free to contact our HR department.

                Larissa is the heart and soul of our HR department. You will meet her, for example, when we welcome you for a job interview.

                Larissa Hepp

                Human Resources

                You want to make a career with us?

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