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  • New mini wave solder nozzle optimizes the selective soldering process

    Golden Nozzle for Golden Results.
    New Mini-Wave Solder Nozzle Optimizes the Selective Soldering Process

    SEHO developed a new mini-wave solder nozzle that remarkably improves the selective soldering process in many ways. The LongLife solder nozzle is compatible with both SEHO selective soldering systems and different brands.

    SEHO’s LongLife solder nozzle is manufactured in a special process without damaging the cubic metal matrix. Contrary to the manufacturing process of a conventional cut surface, this new process does not change the arrangement of atoms at the surface of the nozzle material. Additionally, the mini-wave solder nozzle is coated with a special gold alloy. This combination gives the new solder nozzle some outstanding characteristics.

    A particular benefit of the LongLife solder nozzle is its lifetime. Its lifetime is more than three times longer than that of conventional solder nozzles under the same conditions. Therefore, the annual savings potential is remarkable.

    The new LongLife solder nozzle, however, has much more to offer:

    • No activation prior to production start.
      Simply insert the nozzle, turn on the pump and start production within a few seconds.
    • No maintenance requirements and no re-activation needed throughout a complete production shift.
      The LongLife solder nozzle ensures a remarkably increased machine availability. Additionally, the costs for typical consumables and chemical activation materials are reduced remarkably.
      The LongLife solder nozzle is even absolutely maintenance-free if it is combined with the ultrasonic nozzle cleaner from SEHO.
    • Highest process stability due to improved heat energy transfer to the solder joints and higher stability of the wave height.
    • Reduced soldering defect rates, as the LongLife solder nozzle permanently features perfect activation.
    • Environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving. Materials usage is remarkably lower, and due to reduced wear and elimination of chemical activation materials, oxides and dross are reduced as well.
    • In combination with the ultrasonic solder nozzle cleaner from SEHO, another very special advantage arises:
      Maintenance staff members and the environment are protected as solvents, chemical activation materials and acids are eliminated from the process.

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