SEHO PowerSelective wins HELLA Benchmark.

Maximum process and system flexibility while using the smallest possible footprint – this was one of HELLA’s main requirements for a large-scale benchmark test for selective soldering systems. HELLA specializes in vehicle lights and electronics and is among the top 40 automotive suppliers in the world. For this reason, the company also places stringent demands on its system providers in order to safeguard its ability to deliver top-quality technologies at all times.

“The high quality standard of our products is our top priority, regardless of which factory manufactures any given assembly,” says Vinson G. Foo of Operations Industrial Engineering at HELLA in Lippstadt. “The production equipment as well as the manufacturing processes follow international standards, and the process technology specialists from the different factories meet on a regular basis in order to share their experience and establish the worldwide manufacturing strategy,” adds Foo.
For this reason, the large-scale benchmark test in the selective soldering field looked beyond Germany and included aspects of global importance in the decision-making process. The benchmark test spanned one year and involved an intensive cooperation with all well-known soldering system manufacturers.

Vinson G. Foo: “In SEHO, we have a partner at our side who is equally committed to our idea of quality. Our technology partnership is working out very well, and we have the set-up and the flexibility to meet the demands of today and of the future.”

Click here to download the full article, published in Global SMT & Packaging, November 2019.

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