The perfect solution for small production volumes.

The potential for innovation in electronics makes it one of the most dynamic industries today. Selective soldering has seen a dramatic increase for years, more so than any other soldering process in electronics manufacturing.

A high degree of automation in production typically means large investments in machinery. Especially for the investment in an automated selective soldering process appears unprofitable. However, this perspective changes if automation is not excessive, but adequate. The result is a perfect interplay of man and machine. The priority is on keeping it simple. The operator must be able to understand the processes and know how to operate the system at a glance, what the machine is doing and why.

With these factors in mind, SEHO developed its StartSelective selective soldering system. StartSelective is a ‘plug-and-produce’ selective soldering system for those just entering the automated soldering field, and for anyone looking for a short-term capacity expansion.

Click here to download the full article, published in US Tech, October 2019 issue.

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