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    SEHO ensures higher productivity in electronics production with flexible and innovative concepts, and SEHO is taking another step towards zero-defect manufacturing.

    Avoid defects before they disrupt the process flow and cause costs. With this in mind, SEHO has expanded the AOI product division with the new AssemblyCheck, a component placement control system that is specifically optimized for THT assemblies.

    THT components are often assembled manually or semi-automatically, so the risk of errors is correspondingly high. SEHO AssemblyCheck is integrated directly into the assembly workstation and provides immediate feedback whether the components are assembled correctly. Only then can the circuit board be released for further processing in a wave or selective soldering system. This eliminates possible errors, which leads to a significant increase in quality and yield.
    SEHO AssemblyCheck generally checks for the presence of the correct components, the correct orientation or polarity, component colours are recognized and compared. Further inspection tasks include text verification (OCV), orientation and code reading. Circuit boards with a bad mark marking are automatically recognized and not checked.

    Short cycle times and an assembly size of up to 610 x 510 mm [24” x 20”] guarantee high system efficiency.

    To reduce investment costs when there are several workstations, the SEHO AssemblyCheck can also be used inline. The combination with the THT-AOI system SEHO PowerVision offers maximum ROI: both systems are integrated in just one module that is installed in front of the soldering system.

    At the assembly transport level, AssemblyCheck checks for correct component placement. Incorrectly assembled circuit boards can be automatically removed from the line, while defect-free assemblies are released for the further process. After the soldering process, SEHO PowerVision carries out the solder joint inspection at the return conveyor level of the module.

    The SEHO Selectline-C also ensures productivity increases. The modular and expandable inline selective soldering system from SEHO has been supplemented with additional modules that significantly increase the flexibility of the system. A highlight of this machine is the SmartSplit software, which turns an already efficient system into a highly flexible and highly productive selective soldering system for high-mix-high-volume production. SmartSplit controls and coordinates the process flow for different assemblies in mixed operation. The soldering process for an assembly is automatically divided among the process stations available in the respective system. Up to 6 soldering units can be integrated in one system. As a result, SmartSplit enables cycle times to be halved in mixed operation, without major investments and without restricting the maximum available working area of the system.

    In the high-end wave soldering area, innovative features increase process reliability. This includes the automatic nozzle height adjustment. In up to 16 different areas of an assembly, the height of the soldering nozzles can be programmed and adjusted individually in order to always have the optimal distance between the circuit board and the soldering nozzle, depending on the product. In addition to a greater process reliability, this innovative function offers independence from the workpiece carrier or assembly design, a significantly larger process window and maximum flexibility.
    Of course, the stability of the wave height also plays a crucial role. Automated and directly integrated into the soldering area, the automatic wave height control ensures a reliable process and perfect soldering results without interrupting production.

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