The difference is the detail.

Electronics manufacturers are facing daily challenges to be competitive in a global environment. The quality of the manufactured products, price pressure, and manufacturing process sustainability are just some of the tasks to place the future of electronics manufacturing on sound footing. Equipment suppliers can efficiently support this.

SEHO is in close contact with customers worldwide. Energy-efficient machines, flexibility, a higher degree of automation in terms of process control, and reduced wear susceptibility are major approaches for the beneficial support of electronics manufacturers. SEHO scrutinized the soldering processes and refined them in this direction. Innovative technologies help to establish more efficient processes and often are the small details that make the difference.

This article discusses latest innovations for wave soldering and selective soldering processes that effectively help to reduce production costs and increase product quality at the same time. Unique features such as automatic wave height control in wave soldering processes or miniwave solder nozzles that are virtually maintenance-free will be introduced.

Click here to download the article, published in SMT Today, issue 43/2020.

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